Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Today's little quickie!

Well it's done guys, and I don't think I could be more in love with it! What do you think?

Friday, January 9, 2015


  Oh hai! Did I mention that one of my favorite things about making bath stuff is I get to be a one part mad scientist, and one part designer? Oui dahling! Let me talk to you about chemical reactions while we discuss which shade of blue is going to make this soap look fab! Ok, well maybe not like that. But there is something extremely happy-making about satisfying the science nerd and artiste within me at the same time!
   But back to the the main reason of  today's post! Today was a busy day, as my time was split between running errands, filing more paperwork and writing down all my recipes. But somewhere in the midst of all of this happy chaos, I had a little time to sit down and work on a new product.  That's right, I made a new product today.
   These babies are scented bath bombs or bath fizzies as they're also called. I had already started thinking about making these guys back in November, but never really got around to it. I figured since I had some time today, I might as well try to come up with a recipe and see what I could make. And these are the result.
  These guys come in at a whopping 7.5 oz per bomb ( Probably more like 7oz once they harden) and are about the size of a large apple. As you can see they are a little bigger than the palm of my hand. But I haven't even mentioned the best part yet!These guys smell like chocolate; luscious, luscious chocolate deliciousness. I wish you could scratch the monitor and sniff, because these are fan-frickin-tastic  smelling. I can't wait for these to dry so I can try them out. Babe, will probably have to pull me out of the tub.
   Looking at them, there are already a few things I want to change, mainly making a smaller sized one. I can forsee these being slightly problematic in the sense of how does one get more than one use out of them. If I understand correctly, one company does sell bombs this size and it's not been a super issue for the consumer. But like I said, it's something for me to consider.  Luckily my batch made 3.5 of these guys, so I've got three to play around with before I start making tweeks. The little half one one, went into the tub immediately to check the color fastness of my chosen pigment.It turned the water a pretty pastel blue, like I was hoping it would, but I wanted to double check. We wouldn't want a colored ring around the tub, now would we? I wasn't too happy with the fizzing action from my tester, but it could also be because it hasn't dried out enough yet. Who knows!?
Anyway, thanks for tuning in today and stay tuned for tomorrow. Test results will be in.


Hi! First of all, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog. Today, I took a very big step into making my dream become a reality, and I am so happy to be sharing it all with you. I am hoping that this blog will sort of be a chronicle for this very new exciting chapter in my life, so let's get this show on the road.

So, why soap?

Well, this whole project started out as a labor of love. See, my fiance has eczema.  Pretty much every type of perfume and detergent found in most commercial brands of body soap, trigger it. When we started living together, things became difficult as I had many bath products that would trigger her allergy. It wasn't like I was switching bottles or anything like that, it was just that the residue of the chemicals from the soaps I was using were being left in the shower after each shower or bath. Which meant when she followed, REACTION!!!! Eventually, we figured out what was happening and I made the switch from normal soaps to hypo-allergenic soaps. But after my first use I discovered something interesting; the hypo-allergenic soaps left me feeling and smelling, a little less than clean.
    So fast forward a couple of months. I was sitting in front of my computer, surfing the web. My fiance and I had just had another discussion about soap the day before. It seemed like our shower was beginning to be filled with barely touched bottles of body wash; things she purchased thinking they were a good idea, only to use at home and find out that they definitely weren't. My side of the shower was filling up fast with these rejected bottles, because if something didn't work it was given to me. I had no use for them because as mentioned above, the hypo-allergenic stuff left me feeling a little unclean; and the other stuff? Well I wasn't really into scents like " Cool Rain" and " Mountain Fresh". I had been searching for hypo-allergenic soaps for the better part of the day and was about ready to give up when one of the last entries on the page linked me to a soap making forum. Someone was asking if someone with eczema could use handmade soap, and that was when the light turned on!
   So here I  am, a year and a half later opening a soap business. I love making soap and I am super excited about sharing my creations with you all. Thanks again for stopping by the blog, and I hope you stick around to see more.